We have partnered with one of the most innovative companies for security solutions in global supply chain networks and for complex logistic processes. With its cutting-edge technology and its state of the art system solution Vodacom offers tracking, monitoring and protection of your shipments worldwide.
Our offering to your business includes:

  • The monitoring and control of assets at distribution centers to ensure the delivery of assets to the correct location
  • Real-time alarm alerts of exceptions should assets be delivered to the incorrect destinations and real-time notifications of assets delivered to the correct destinations via email
  • The mobile tracking solution will enable the customer to monitor the opening and closings of all its vehicles trailer doors based on specific criteria related to security and supply chain operations.
  • Seamless integration to existing processes with minimum disruptions within the supply chain.

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Why Choose Vodacom

We provide world class service.

We have a core network infrastructure that has been built on multiple independent infrastructures.

We have a resilient and fully redundant core network, this means having a network infrastructure that can support high availability connectivity and service uptime

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