This is a school management solution that uses the mobile technology. This solution enables Communication with learners even outside the classroom. Learners can also answer assessments using their mobile devices.

Our solution enables the teacher to:

  • Embed any URL link into the eBooks
  • Place extra images inside the eBooks
  • Embed PDFs into the eBooks for learners to download
  • Create or add videos
  • Add events to the eBooks e.g. class tests and homework assignments

Functionalities of M-Education

Learner Management

  • Educational software available as PC and Digital/White Board content
  • Flexible authoring tool enables the creation of multimedia content
  • Creating and evaluating class assignments

Content Management

This is designed specifically for mobile devices. Mobile content that can be easily accessed from all platforms and mobile devices with various screen resolutions. Games, multimedia resources, and educational movies with over 1,000 interactive and engaging lessons.


  • Learners experience content personalized by their teachers alongside the standard curriculum material.
  • All the learner's notes, sketches and highlights are stored on the tablet and backed-up in the cloud.

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