Case Study: DHL

Africa’s rise as an emerging market is a major expansion opportunity for many international businesses. Yet the continent is so huge and varied that many infrastructure challenges remain. How do you establish a common operating model? How do you deal with multiple suppliers across different countries?

Vodafone and DHL are working together to help to crack these critical issues. In the process they are creating unprecedented new opportunities for business in Africa.

Global DP DHL team issued an RFP for the new network to 16 potential partners. Of those 16, only 3 came back with realistic responses. Many of the responders said that what DHL was trying to achieve would not be possible for at least another three or four years. That left Vodafone as the only willing investor and viable contender.

“What a contender Vodafone turned out to be,” says Shannon. “They had a can-do attitude right from the start. It was also clear it was going to be a really collaborative approach. Vodafone gave a genuine commitment to work with us to build a groundbreaking communications network that would grow in line with our requirements and add incredible value to our business.”

Vodafone set about procurement of the backbone network soon afterwards, dealing with multiple communications and IT suppliers locally to get the right infrastructure in place for DHL. Working in partnership, the two companies have now built a single Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network that enables DHL to connect to any of its data centres in Prague, Johannesburg and Singapore, and helps to deliver a simplified service to its customers across Africa.

How did DHL benefit?

  • Better connected employees: At a moment’s notice DHL can deliver the same service in exactly the same way across Africa
  • Better operational agility: DHL is utilising Vodafone’s managed services and a unique single wide area network across Africa
  • Better customer engagement: For the first time, DHL can help its customers expand into Africa and other emerging markets without the headache of negotiating a new logistics infrastructure for each country. It can also do this for a significantly lower cost

Case study: Resolution Insurance MPLS solution

Resolution Insurance is a brand trusted by individuals and businesses who enjoy their well designed and unique insurance covers. They are known for their innovation and creating industry benchmarks, they have several firsts to their credit including offering individuals HIV/AIDS, dental/optical and maternity covers. Their approach to insurance is to create simple, quality and innovative solutions.

The Problem:

  1. A cocktail of suppliers for all their branches
  2. They experienced poor support from the suppliers and didn’t have a central point of contact.
  3. They required services with automatic failover capability for their key branches
  4. They required stable reliable Internet services.


We approached Resolution Insurance offering MPLS connectivity for their branches within Kenya and the East Africa region.

VBK offered a managed service solution for their then 7 sites which have grown to 14 sites by the end of 2016. We have provided them with a central point of contact for their support for all their offices including their offices in Uganda and Tanzania, they have a dedicated Key account manager who handles all the issues that may be raised by the customer and have a central billing system for all the sites.

This has greatly improved efficiencies in their IT environment improving service delivery to their customers.

“Vodacom Business Kenya has supported our services for the past 3 years and has done a commendable job. We receive exemplary customer support; the service is resilient and reliable.”

Asante Muturi Team Leader, Technical support, Networks and Security, Resolution Insurance

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