AfricaMPLS Connect

AfricaMPLS Connect is a wide area network solution for site to site connectivity that is implemented over Vodacom Business MPLS network in East Africa and extended to the rest of Africa.

This will enable a secure IP VPN private network interconnecting local (Kenya), regional (East Africa) and the international through the Vodacom global MPLS network.

Vodacom MPLS VPN service is a carrier class MPLS based IP VPN service which allows customers to attain cost of service (CoS) assured secure, quality of service (QoS) guaranteed, any-to-any network connectivity from the African continent to our global MPLS network.

  • 4 CoS Model
  • Fully managed customer access solutions on WiMax, fibre, microwave and VSAT
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Online network performance monitoring tool

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